About The Up Foundry
(əp/ ˈfoundrē/)

Honest and Authentic leadership when it comes to helping you with performance marketing and your affiliate or referral partner program.


Hi - I am Taylor...

I am an entrepreneur, avid-reader, unshakable optimist and Founder of the Up Foundry.  Years ago, I convinced Ford Motor Company to partner with me, giving me a free car, gas, and insurance for 6 months (I selected the coolest, most obnoxious color they had, as you can see —>
Don't worry... I gave it back). 

How and Why? That is a story for a different time. However, it showed me how:

Pitching and creating meaningful partnerships to find value for both sides is… totally possible.

That partnership work turned digital when I was assigned to create an affiliate program from scratch for an up and coming web hosting company. 

 That is where my affiliate program struggles came into play…

It was tough. I probably had many of the questions, doubts, and concerns of launching and growing an affiliate program that you had when first starting your affiliate program (or perhaps now - if you haven’t put much effort into your program) like: 

  • How do I find affiliates?
  • Do I treat the affiliate program like a sales channel?
  • How can I improve my affiliate program without jeopardizing my brand?
  • Eek! Should I work with coupon affiliates or other third-parties?

When it all came together - seeing affiliate program growth:

Fast forward a few years later after launching and growing several affiliate programs for clients from Eastern Europe to Australia (as well as many in the U.S.A.) and trying every strategy imaginable - I hit the 1M revenue mark collectively for my programs and started seeing what works and doesn’t work for SaaS companies. 

But why SaaS companies?

SaaS is in my blood. I have ONLY worked for or with client's that have a SaaS model in my career. I know how they work, how they run, and what metrics truly matter to a SaaS company vs. a product company.


*Ranked #1 on Clarity.Fm for Affiliate Management
* Speaker at Affiliate Management Days
* 2017 Speaker at Affiliate Summit
* Published in FeedFront Magazine, 2015 & 2017
Why I’d love to help you....

Affiliate marketing is so young (1996 -21 years old and counting; just old enough to drink!) so the landscape is changing. Couple that with the fact there is very little information online for SaaS affiliate Programs is a recipe that doesn’t help you as a CEO, marketer, or Founder of a SaaS company.

I want to help your business thrive with a healthy and profitable affiliate program so you have absolutely no fears in making it a success. 

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