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Finding Growth in New
Affiliate Prospects & Current Partners. Affiliate Program.

Their affiliate program was launched on October 2016. They came to the UpFoundry in January/February of 2017 as they were struggling with growing their affiliate program revenue since initial launch.

How we helped:

We analyzed their current affiliate performers and activity, affiliate onboarding, and communication as well as their competitors and e-commerce landscape.

We then provided a custom, detailed, 15+ page growth plan that included:

- affiliate prospects they could reach out to to boost their affiliate program.
- individualized plans for each of their top performers, to improve conversion and sales.
- instructed changes to their onboarding process.
- tweaks in their affiliate information page to encourage more sign ups. 


Reactivation of program and Recruiting high-growth partners.

TimeDoctor is used by anyone from Entrepreneurs to mid-sized business who have employees. Their time management software allows business owners to track clock in/clock outs, productivity, and other aspects of managing a staff (often remotely). 


We were contracted and provided:-
-Full makeover of their affiliate onboarding process: From affiliate sign up page (seen above) to welcome and notification emails to increase % of "time to sale" of new affiliate partners.

• setup project and strategy for cobranding landing pages of their top performers.
• Full data analysis and brief submitted on actions to increase both top and long tail     affiliate partner performance.
• Researched industry & Provided list of top affiliate potential/prospects (name,       email, etc.) for full reach-out plan.


Affiliate Program Creation and Launch.

Meetmagic is philantropic platform allowing anyone to book meetings with Top Executives. When a meeting is booked, Meetmagic donates a portion of the booking fees to charities changing the world.


We were contracted and provided:

- Software-As-A-Service reccomendation and briefing on why the software we choose was the best fit for their use case.
- Consulted with implementation of the program to their existing systems (Stripe, CRM, and Zapier integration).
- Created promotional materials and other assets for affiliate partners to use.
- Designed and implemented welcome email and all notification commission emails.
- Created and launched affiliate sign up page. 


Affiliate Program Growth Session and Recruitment Plan.

Tapfiliate is cloud based affiliate tracking software. It enables you to create, track and optimize your own affiliate programs.


Contracted to do a deep dive into their current affiliate program and provided a 15 page growth plan that showed how to work with their current affiliate partners to achieve higher performance as well as created a starter prospect list of the types of affiliates they could go after to improve their affiliate program. 

We want to do the same for your affiliate program. 

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