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What does the guide include?

This free resource is packed with evidence-based strategies: specifically for Technology and SaaS companies of any size running an affiliate program. 

How To Recruit
new affiliate partners. 

Details on what tools to use, strategies, and how to find the right affiliates for your program.

Onboarding Strategies to improve affiliate signups.

Specific details on improving your affiliate signup process to maximize program success.

Affiliate Program Triggers & Email Examples.

What type of emails to help activate and reactivate affiliate partners. 

Why you should be creating affiliate segments.

Why and how to segment your affiliates for more effective partnership outcomes. 

Regular tasks you should be doing to grow your program.

Regular, ongoing tasks you need to stay on top of to keep an active affiliate program going. 

Improving Results with current affiliates.

How to take your current, registered affiliates to the next level in sales and revenue. 

Who Wrote the Guide? 


Taylor Barr 

Founder & CEO of The Up Foundry. 

Taylor has over a decade experience in marketing and 8+ years managing affiliate programs for some of the top SaaS affiliate programs in the world. He has started and worked on programs from startups to SaaS Internet companies generating anywhere from 1M-5M from their affiliate program alone. 

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Who is this guide specifically for?

This guide is to help any company large or small - turn their lackluster results from their affiliate program, around. 

The guide will break down different areas of an affiliate program where you can make a few changes or additions, to see measurable results.

Why I wrote the secrets to 5x
your affiliate program guide...

By: Taylor Barr, The Up Foundry

I remember my very, first affiliate program I setup and ran. Like many others, I thought  - "If we build it (set it up) -  the marketers will come in mass to signup and promote!".  As you imagined, it didn't quite work out that way...


After the launch, there were only 10 affiliate signups in the first two months and no one made a referral sale in the first 90 days. It was frustrating. We put so much work into setting the program up, strategizing an attractive commission structure, and so on that, it was hard to believe no one wanted to promote our product. 


Slowly, over many months I started running tests. Tests on increasing affiliate signups to the program, to improving the time to first sale after an affiliate signs up all the way to how to work with current affiliates to scale their promotions. 

I learned a hell of a lot; what works and didn't work. I was able to get that first affiliate program (mind you, in a crowded and cut throat industry)  to 6 figures in affiliate revenue, all in under 12 months.

But something kept nagging me. The truth is and was: 

There is not a lot of information on how to ethically go about growing an affiliate program from scratch. Nothing to take action on to improve affiliate program results. 

So, I decided to sit down and write the guide to help provide some clarity and direction for what to do after you launch an affiliate program.

I wanted to dispell all the bad and poor advice on how to strengthen an affiliate program. Therefore, I rooted the guide in actions any company with an affiliate program can take - no matter what the industry.

This guide is all about: 

  • Longtail, but consistent approach to growing an affiliate program. 
  • Building real partnerships vs. getting a bunch of half committed affiliate partners.
  • Areas of a program that often go over looked (but if tweaked, can provide value).
  • Actionable steps you can take in your program; not broad, cloudy strategies.

Deeper Dive into the
Secrets 5x your Affiliate Program Guide:

Want to know more details on each section of the guide? No problem. Click the titles on the left and there is more details on each area to improve your affiliate program. 

  • Improving how you onboard your affiliate partners.

    We go over: improvements to your affiliate signup page, tweaking your welcome email, and exact copy/words for triggered emails within 90 days of an affiliate signing up.  

  • Ways to recruit affiliate partners. 

    External ways to research/prospect for affiliates, how to turn current customers/clients into powerful affiliates, and more.  

  • Helping your current affiliate partners to be successful. 

    How to work with your affiliates to activate them to promote new prospects. 

  • Creating affiliate segments.

    Putting affiliates into buckets/segments for better performance (plus, what segments makes sense for your program).  

  • Emails and Promotional Campaigns that keep affiliate partners promoting. 

    Most effective affiliate-only promotional campaigns that helps ALL types of affiliates in their promotion of your brand.  

  • Regular monthly optimization tasks with your affiliate partners. 

    Common tasks and to-dos to keep your affiliate program active, moving forward, relevant, and a reliable affiliate channel for your business. 


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