Affiliate Program
Growth RoadMaps.

A "made for your business" exhaustive guide on how you can achieve 
up to 30% increase in Affiliate revenues and sales.

What is an Affiliate Program Growth Roadmap?

A full review of your program by a Affiliate Program Growth Expert - 
Helping you identify risks and opportunities.

Review your current Affiliates Performance.  

We give you ideas & campaigns to increase current affiliate performance.

Evaluate Registration and Onboarding Process.

We give you some of the best, prescribed practices for bringing on affiliates. 

Outline Affiliate Recruiting Opportunities. 

The #1 sought after need is a clear plan to recruit affiliates for your program.

Fraud & Policing. 

Tell you which affiliates and their promotional methods that might be costing you money. 

Let's start anew. No more auto-pilot affiliate program.
No more wondering: Is my affiliate program costing or making me money.
Let's get the gears aligned. Let's create an action plan
so that you can see traction from your affiliate program.


What's included when I signup for the Affiliate Program Roadmap?

We LOVE well communicated expectations. So this is what you will get. 

Deep Dive Consultation on your business.

Over phone or Skype, we will spend anywhere from 1 to 3 hours learning about your business. Everything from how you acquire customers to details on what you sell/offer. 

Full Dissection of your affiliate program and Growth Roadmap Guide.

We go over every aspect of your affiliate program: From how your affiliate program is currently setup (commissions structure, terms, etc.) to how current affiliates are promoting.  We then outline areas where you can bullet proof your program as well as ways to logistically grow it. 

Your Affiliate Program Growth Roadmap Deliverable:

Here is more information on each section we cover in the guide.

Finding and Recruiting Affiliates. 

After a deep dive consultation, we put together a "one-of-a-kind" actionable recruiting plan; giving you websites, organizations and people that can be big revenue drivers for your program. 

Affiliate Onboarding & Sign up.

We look at how you bring affiliates into your affiliate program and then, given our onboarding best practices, make recommendations on how you can get turn more signups into active affiliates. 

Increase Affiliate Performance

Looking at up to 2+ years of your affiliate program data, we pull out hidden revenue opportunities and suggest campaigns to help all affiliates in your program. 

Affiliate Program Structure Review.

Looking at everything from basic settings to more strategic aspects of your affiliate program (like how competitive is your commission structure), we cover all the basis so that you are setup for success.

Promotional Materials Audit.

Promotional materials are a must for any affiliate program including yours. We look at the effectiveness of your current assets (banners, email copy, text links. etc.) and then give you insights into high converting affiliate tools. 

Policing & Fraud Analysis. 

If you think your program is excused from Fraud or affiliates marketers promoting your brand under misleading methods - you might be wrong. We analyze HOW  your affiliates promote you and give you a full report card. 


Ready to Roadmap
Your Affiliate Program?

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