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What does the guide include?

This free resource is packed with evidence-based strategies: specifically for Technology and SaaS companies of any size wanting to launch an affiliate program 

When to start an affiliate program. 

How to evaluate whether an affiliate program is right for you or when you should start one.

Foundations of an Affiliate Program.

Easily walk you through CPAs, Commission Structures, and other models.

What Platforms to Run Your Affiliate Program on.

Clearly demonstrate the different types of platforms and which providers are best to run your affiliate program on.


Affiliate Promotional Materials.

The best media assets and promotional items to offer when launching your affiliate program.  

An Affiliate Program Checklist

All items you need to consider when launching your affiliate program. 

Initial Steps to Finding your First Affiliates.

A primer in finding your first affiliate partners and making them successful.

Who Wrote the Guide? 


Taylor Barr 

Founder & CEO of The Up Foundry. 

Taylor has over a decade experience in marketing and 9+ years starting from scratch & managing affiliate programs for some of the top SaaS affiliate programs in the world. He has started and worked on programs from startups to SaaS Internet companies generating anywhere from 1M-5M from their affiliate program alone. 

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What others have to say...

"Taylor is the real deal. If you're interested in learning about growing an affiliate program to grow your tech company, then...Taylor will shortcut your learning curve by months." 

Eddie M.
Founder - BigCommerce

"Taylor gave very useful and clear advice. He researched our product beforehand, and provided a summary of the conversation afterwards. Recommend."

Tim T.
CEO - NicoSurge

"Excellent feedback and advice regarding affiliate deals. Taylor gave very detailed and clear solutions to our issues and concerns. Highly recommended. Thanks!"

Michael K.
Founder - WPTangerine

"Taylor gave me great insights into affiliate marketing techniques, a step-by-step proposal and valuable feedback on possible issues. Highly recommended."

Larry Russell J.
Creator - Curiousity Center

Who is this guide specifically for?

This guide is tailored to help any company, big or small - launch an affiliate program. 

While it caters to Technology and SaaS-based businesses, there are no restrictions when it comes to the information about starting an affiliate program for your company.

Why I wrote the
Launch an Affiliate Program Guide...

By: Taylor Barr, The Up Foundry

Ever feel like you never have the right information?

That’s how I felt a few years back when launching my first ever affiliate program. First, I had a lot of pre-conceived notions about affiliate programs like, “Aren’t affiliate programs scammy?” or, “What if I launch an affiliate program and nothing happens? Even worse, what if it tarnishes my business?” . Then comes the genuine lack of knowledge of getting it up and running. Well, here is my quick story…


My first ever affiliate program, one I launched for a web hosting company, was a train wreck. I overanalyzed every article I read to supposedly help me, constantly questioned every decision I made, and when it finally came down to pressing the launch button: BOOM! Everything broke. It took 3-6 months to get things smoothed out again.


Once I got my head above water, I pushed to actually grow the program organically. Through a lot of small successes and many failures, I started compiling a list of tasks and strategies I would have done different (or at least tested) if I launched another affiliate program. This ranged from platform selection (and the capabilities needed to launch a good affiliate program) to decisions made around automation when it came to some of the more arduous tasks (like paying affiliate commissions).


Fast forward 9 years later, and I have learned a TON about affiliate programs. However, when I looked around online for the information I gained through experience - came up dry.

I wanted to save someone literally 9 years of mistakes so they can shortcut to smooth affiliate program launches.

This guide is all about: 

  • How to start from zero and get an affiliate program up and running.
  • How to make smart decisions about creating commission structures.
  • What tools and strategies to employ from the beginning so you don’t have issues as your program scales.
  • How to get your first, real, trustworthy affiliates in the door when your affiliate program launches.

Deeper Dive into the
How to Launch Affiliate Program Guide:

Want to know more details on each section of the guide? No problem. Click the titles on the left and there is more details on each area to improve your affiliate program. 

  • Your Affiliate Program Timing.

    We go over: If an affiliate program is right for your business and when to launch.  

  • Creating Cost Effective Commission Structures.

    We go through the fundementals of Cost Per Action commissions and other components of Affiliate Program Basics.

  • Affiliate Tracking Platform Selection.

    What are the best platforms for your affiliate platform needs.

  • Affiliate Promotional Materials.

    What tools you need to give affiliates at time of launch to make your program successful.

  • How to Recruit Your First Affiliate Partners. 

    12 action-packed strategies to recruiting affiliate partners in any affiliate program.

  • How to Have a Successful Affiliate Program Launch. 

    Common tasks and to-dos to launch your affiliate program and keep it moving forward, relevant, and a reliable affiliate channel for your business. 


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