What we get asked...

This area is dedicated to sharing a little more about the services we provide (and don't), expectations of working with us, services/pricing and more.

Who we work with:

Can you help me if I am startup?

It depends. If you have found product market fit and have traction in other marketing channels - let's talk. If you might be looking to your affiliate program to band-aid a sales and marketing issue you have, we can't help with that. Why? Affiliates promote proven products and aren't direct sales channels.

Do you work with global clients (Outside of the U.S.)?

Yes! Absolutely. In fact, most of our biggest clients are located overseas and we operate their affiliate programs which consist of global affiliate partners. 

Do you work with clients other than SaaS companies?

No. B2B & B2C SaaS organizations are our bread and butter. 

Is there requirements to working with you?

The primary requirement is: you must have an affiliate program.  A secondary piece of criteria and general benchmark is: your company must have at least $2MM+ in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) or close. Why? Many of our target clients, for whom we have been successful growing their affiliate programs, get the greatest return on our services at this milestone or higher.

What we do/don't do:

Do you help clients setup affiliate programs or software to track affiliates?

No. Unfortunately, we are not a technology integration agency, however we can suggest some platforms to use (we just don't do this kind of work).

Yeah but: We want you to suggest {insert platform/network to manage an affiliate program} and then let you run it. Aren't you interested?

We work with affiliate programs who have been established for awhile and need help getting through the growing pains of partner programs. Launching affiliate programs is not where our focus is at right now. 

Can I hire you to bring on Super Affiliates?

We work with many affiliates who generate 4+ digits in referral sales and 5-6 in monthly revenues for their merchants. Can we gurantee they will join your program and promote your service? Ultimately, no; that is up to them. However, we present the right offers to the right affiliates when it makes sense. We do like to note and get expectations right. Hiring us simply to gain access to affiliates is not the mutual goal. We like to become a part of your team in holistically managing your affiliate program.

I need your help with my affiliate program - but it doesn't look like this service is listed on your website. Can you help?

We'd love to but truth be told: we manage affiliate programs. That is where we excel. Anything beyond that is not on the roadmap at the moment.

I just want 1,000 affiliates to promote my SaaS company. Can you bring the army of affiliates?

Probably not. Two things here. 1) Our services are around Parettos Principle. We focus on the 10% of affiliates that will drive you 90% of all revenue through your program. And 2) we focus on quality, long-term relationships. If you are looking to hit a certain # of affiliates, we are probably not right for you.

Do you answer affiliate support tickets?

No. Are services are all around growth and marketing of your affiliate program. We do send and recieve emails to new and current partners as part of our services- but small, technical or billing questions are not included.

Can you train my Affiliate Manager?

While I focus is on external management of affiliate programs- from time to time, we do have availability for affiliate management training. Enquire within.

Recruiting Affiliates: I still don't see how this works. Is this spamming people?

No - not at all. Many of the affiliates we work with know the types of clients we work with and they are generally a good fit and open to working with them. In the case where we cold prospect someone - we use massive research and make the intro through colleagues or in a way that is inviting to a new opportunity. It's about proactive outreach don't in an ethical way.

Client/Prospect Expectations:

How long until I see results?

No cop out here but: It really depends on your industry, niche, and where you are with your affiliate program. The truth is: affiliate recruitment and partner marketing optimization is all around building long-term, profitable relationships with your partners. That takes patience and time. 

How does your service pricing work?

We operate on progressive engagements; smaller, lower priced engagements (like growth plans and audits) first, so we can show you what we can do. If satisfied and we see a mutual fit - we discuss our longer-term opportunities.

Why do I need you to grow my affiliate program? Can you just tell me what I am doing wrong?

Our growth plan engagement offers just that: A playbook for your affiliate program so you can DIY if you'd like. Many clients are satisfied with this because it provides the direction they need. However, others come back for full time help.Find out more by contacting us

Can we just pay you a percentage of the commissions our affiliates earn?

This sounds great in theory, horrible in practice. We align with what matters with your SaaS business and affiliate program (all equal: more sales, but those sales having good LTV/Low churn). Unfortunately, it's not like a direct sales channel where you will be handing us leads. It's more nuanced. Earnings for our hard work, expertise, and focus can't be hinged on an indirect channel like the affiliate program. However, our service pricing is often less than that of a hiring a full time affiliate manager for your business and our target clients, based on client feedback forms- are statisfied.

What if I just have a small affiliate program question. Can I contact you?

Sure! However, note: We are really focused on our client's success and can't always answer the small nitty-gritty questions. However, if we have availability, it's best to book a 30 minute call with me here. 

Did I answer all your questions?

Let's remove all objections and see how we can work together.

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