What is Partner Marketing Optimization?

Every marketing channel requires ongoing optimization to get the best results. Your affiliate program and its partners are no different. This is what we mean when we talk about partner marketing optimization...

Running segmented affiliate campaigns and bonuses.

Segmenting your affiliate partners and running promos, sales, and campaigns to incentivize performance. 

one-on-one growth calls.

Getting on the phone with your top affiliates, reviewing performance, and suggesting new ideas to bring in more qualfied customers - reguarly.


Holding affiliate webinars.

Helping your affiliates be successful in promoting your SaaS service as well as co-op webinars for their audience.

UpFoundry SPeciality

customized partner promotions.

Whether co-branded landing pages or exclusive discounts, working with top performers in your program to increase conversion rate and other metrics.

traffic & customer analysis.

Analyzing partner data to encourage from partner: better quality traffic, positioning, and higher ARPU and LTV per driven customer.

program and product feedback.

Being an open ear to affiliate program feedback as well as their suggestions around the product that could drive their growth.

Let me optimize your affiliate program.

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