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Recruiting Quality Affiliate PArtners. 

Affiliate Recruitment is a science. It takes approaching the right people, understanding what drives them to commit to working with you and your affiliate program, and then the persistence of maintaining that relationship for the long haul. 

We have time-tested and personal outreach campaigns to recruit affiliate partners for our client's affiliate programs that generate 60%+ open rates and 40% response rates (for email outreach) and nearly 30-40% call back on outbound phone campaigns. Below, we discuss more of our recruiting methodology.

We Do our research.

Personal + Approachable.

Every affiliate partnership is different. We do not buy lists or scrape data and then mass contact. That is not our style to be effective. We research each affiliate partner, understand their business, and approach them with as much background and positiong to working together. Is it more time intensive? Yes, but it also reaps better rewards for our clients. 

Timing and Persistance.

We Don't Give Up. 

Timing is key. Sometimes the partner is not ready to commit or is focused on projects where they can't devote their full attention. Other times, they just skip over your emails. We have an art to the followup that aligns to each, individual partner we contact. 

Affiliate Testimonial about our recruiting work...


"They have put in the hard work and earned my trust!"

Taylor/The Up Foundry reached out to me on behalf of one of the merchant affiliate programs he was managing at the time. I run a Top 10 Internet Marketing Blog in India that teaches people how to be successful Bloggers. I get A LOT of emails pitching me ideas on how to work together, and even more asking me to be a part of their affiliate program. Taylor and his team were different; they proved from the start that they were more about relationships and working one-on-one to make it a successful venture, then  anything else. They put in the hard work and have earned my trust; So much that I am in two affiliate programs he manages!

Kulwant Nagi - Founder of