Affiliate Recruiting 101 Guide


Have you ever been stumped about how to find affiliates? Have you searched around the internet and all you have come up with are articles that contain some soft “tips” on where to find affiliates – but no real actionable, repeatable strategies?

If that is the case – this guide is for you.

We go deep on how to setup a recruiting strategy to find the right affiliates for your affiliate program – no matter what industry. 

Does it work? Well, we use it as a stepping stone for all our clients internally and they can attest – it has shown some great results.

What will you learn in this guide?

  • A solid framework and mental shift on how to find affiliates
  • The different sources/areas you can use to find affiliate partners right for your affiliate program (10+ areas)
  • The right tools to use to find: their contact information and background (all ethically of course) to pitch them your program.
  • The EXACT strategy, email templates, and followup copy templates that generates us a  70% open rate and 40-50% response rate (30%+ close rate on them signing up for an affiliate program*).
  • Some initial steps on working with these recruited partners for mutually beneficial results.

By the end of this guide, you will have a good foundation, set of skills, and confidence on how to do find and reach out to affiliates that would be ideal for your program.

*=every client and affiliate program is different. Results may vary for you. 

Coming Soon

  • A solid framework for finding affiliates.
  • specific tools we use.
  • walk-through videos inside guide.