How to Start an Affiliate Program.

Starting your first affiliate program, often leaves you riddled with questions. 

In this guide, we clear the most common confusion points around building your first affiliate program for your SaaS company. What is covered?

  • When the best time to start an affiliate program for your company.
  • How to structure commission structures that are both profitable and attractive for affiliate partners.
  • What the best type of affiliate management/tracking platform (and specific suggestions for providers) for your company.
  • A primer on how to find good affiliates for your program.
  • Ongoing management considerations to prevent your program from being a dead affiliate program.
  • and more!

This is one of the most detailed, thorough guide to help CEOs, Marketers, and business owners frame if an affiliate program is right for their company. And it is free!


  • solving most common struggles in setting up an affiliate program
  • walk through important areas of your affiliate program
  • what to do after launch.