Secrets to 5x Your Affiliate Program

Did you know: Top 100 Internet Retailers, E-Commerce, and Online Companies can get up to 30-40% of their annual revenues from affiliates and referral partners? 

While results vary from one industry or vertical, one thing you might ask yourself: Can I improve my current affiliate program – perhaps just a little bit?

And the answer is most likely, “yes”. In this guide we break down:

  • How to increase your affiliate signups with just a few tweaks of your process and onboarding flow.
  • How to improve the success rate of affiliates signing up to get their first sale/referral (and what to do to scale that performance 30-90 days).
  • A primer on how to recruit top affiliates that can bring in large portions of revenue
  • How to identify, segment, and work with all types of affiliates – to boost your top line affiliate revenue (based on clients we work with – up to 20%!)
  • Action plans to motivate affiliates post affiliate sign up (and 90 days out).
  • And finally: How to conduct monthly optimization practices – so you are identifying opportunities in your current program and helping those affiliate succeed month over month.